Houses in Spain - Costa Blanca. Canadian timber frame house construction and plans.

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We specialize in the design and construction of houses.


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Why us?

  • Obrazy: whyus.jpgChecked and trusted technology (USA, Canada, Scandinavia, 25% of buildings in Germany)
  • Fast building (Average time for building a house is about 3 months!)
  • Healthy building. Every material used to build our houses is friendly for users.
  • Warm building. There are many various benefits of energy saving houses.
  • When building our houses we're always using proper certificates and building procedures.
  • We hire only trained professionals with years of experience.
  • We associate with many projecting agencies in Poland as in Spain.
  • Economic building. In fact we're a family company we can afford you to lower building costs. We're very competitive, we have lower prices and better quality.
  • Individual building. Every of our houses is uniqe. Our clients chooses their project, elevation color to sanitary equipment and tiles.
  • Building with us you save money, you feel comfortable, and you can enjoy your perfectly builded house.
  • When hiring us we can take care of your formalities, and building permissions.
  • We can help you finding or chosing your lot.