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Construction materials

Lightweight wooden skeleton is a special technology, thanks to which modern and healthy houses are designed. There is only one condition - materials used has to be highest quality.

Obrazy: techn2.jpgWe are using wood and wood- based materials to erect building structures, they are made only by well known companies. As an example we can point diffusivity opened boards Kronotec MDF, Kronopol OSB boards or double-tee bars I-Beam made in Żary. Factory in Żary thanks to newest technological solutions and a century tradition of Swiss Krono Group is today one of the world's most up-to-dated establishments of the wood-based materials branch.

We buy solid wooden elements in Wood Establishment of CANADA SYSTEM group, which in a professional way are dealing with drying, seasoning and processing the wood. They are preparing it according to Canadian standards - four-sided planed with typical intersections, cut to typical length, and equivalent moisture ( approx. 18%).

Wood-Frame Technology

Obrazy: techn2.jpgSelection of the technology of realization the house is second, after selection of project, significant investor's decision. It affects labour costs and costs of materials used to realize your dream house. It is an extremely difficult decision, because the relatively low costs of construction will affect the increase of operating costs, and the other way around. We could accept that the statement is true if weren't for the wood-frame technology, which is the only that with low costs of construction gives lowest operating costs. The Canadians, Americans, Scandinavians, Germans, Polish, French and English know it from a long time.

The supporting structure of houses is a skeleton consisting of wooden posts and beams. Side walls are built by encasing external and internal finish layer, between them there is a heat-insulting tier. Internal walls are also based on skeleton construction, but their thickness is smaller than the main walls. They are filled with sound absorbing material (glass wool) and encased with wallboards. Often the internal walls are replaced by wooden binders or pillars, which diversifies internal architecture. The internal finish layer depends on investor's liking and designer's inventiveness. It can be exotic wood lining, mineral plaster in ECOROCK-SZ system, clinker lining, calcareous - cement or stone lining. All of that finishing layers are being put on the external skin board which braces the skeleton.

What needs to be added is that finished walls do not betray their light and warm construction and only a specialist can tell what the wall is really made of. The construction of ceilings is made by beams spaced similar to wall pillars spacing and binders. Blind floor made of wood-based boards is fitted ( for example KRONOPOL OSB), parquet floor can be lied next, floor panels or carpet. The roof is most often assembled in prefabricated roof truss system . It is a light and easy to built construction, and is characterized by high precision of execution.

The foundations are made in traditional manner, though the intersections are smaller, adjusted to walls construction. Foundations made of reinforced concrete plates are also used , for example heating foundations Legalett.