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Frame or traditional ?

Traditional brick house cons

Long construction process. Load bearing walls are extremely heavy, performed labors require alot effort to be put into it's construction. Buildings are not easy to rebuild. Installation's replacement is complicated for it comprises performing many other labors. High material consumption makes the whole investment very expensive. Low flexibility to any kind of innovations. Each rebuilding and renovation is costly.

Wooden frame construction pros

  • ecological
  • energy saving
  • short building process (after 3 months of building is ready to check in)
  • dry when comparing to a traditional buildings which require drying process due to the high moist content
  • wooden frame construction is nothing more than simply putting together
  • beforehand prepared prefabs on foundations
  • warm inside when cold outdoors and vice versa
  • easy to rebuilt, modernize or expand
  • air inside is heated not walls what contributes to significant energy preservation
  • very low heat penetration coefficient (k=0.22 W/m2)
  • minimal wall thickness 30-36 cm
  • in order to achieve similar results in traditional building, wall would have to be up to 45 cm thick.
  • external walls are good accoustic insulators- and that makes them far better than traditionally built houses

Brick built houses are said to be durable, but it does not mean that wooden frame structures are not. On the contrary. If properly maintained they might easily serve as a shelter for a few hundred years. Of course one of the main positive quality of the timber construction is their short building process with doesn't usually take more than 3 months, plus relatively low price makes the whole investment attractive. Prices range from 700 Euro up to 850 Euro, where at the same time traditional construction price starts from 1200 to 1500 euros per square meter.

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