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The Company Canada System S.L. in Spain is the subsidiary of Canada System F.H.U. founded in Poland in 1991 and specializes in ready-built houses with a frame construction. In the year 1996 our single family house got a prestigious prize of the fifty years - MISTER 50.

Obrazy: aboutus2.jpgIn the year 2000 we were charter members of the Wooden House Association joining famous and well-qualified companies in Poland. During all years of our activity, co-operating with, and, learning from experience of our colleagues from Canada and the United States, in the same time, with the support of great confidence of our customers, we have created a quickly expanding company. Owing to our success we have opened two new subsidiaries in Spain and Italy.

Apart from having a lot of specialistic certificates,well-qualified working staff we take pride in construction of anywhere from ten to twenty houses a year on the area of whole Europe. Due to repeated practice with the use of the latest technologies and logistics, the period of time needed to build a house is from 3 to 5 months.

In the modern factory situated near Szczecin in Poland, well motivated staff, who combine craftsmen's skills with technological innovations, make sure that the houses built by the Company Canada System have the best quality, that our customers, who ordered construction of houses of their dreams, could become convinced of.

If you decide to order a house of the Canada System Company you will choose a reliable partner. High quality of individual buildings is supported by long tradition of the company. And that is the most important feature: in Canada System Company you make use of long standing experience and vast knowledge which combine craftsmen's skills and innovations.

You are welcome in our subsidiary in Spain.